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My main research topics of focus are belief revision, risk management, human robotic interaction and social robotics 

Embodiment, Privacy and Social Robots: May I remember you?

 International Conference on Social Robotics

Meg Tonkin, Jonathan Vitale, Suman Ojha, Jesse Clark, Sammy Pfeiffer, William Judge, Xun Wang, and Mary-Anne Williams


Privacy by Design in Machine Learning Data Collection: A User Experience Experimentation

AAAI Symposium on Designing the User Experience of Machine Learning Systems, AAAI Digital Library.

Jonathan Vitale, Meg Tonkin, Suman Ojha, Mary-Anne Williams, Xun Wang, William Judge.


Detecting glass in simultaneous localisation and mapping

Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 88, 97-103, 2016.

Xun Wang, JianGuo Wang, 


Natural Human-Robot Interaction Using Social Cues

ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human Robot Interaction, pp. 503-504.

Hugo Romat, Mary-Anne Williams, Xun Wang, Benjamin Johnston, Henry Bard, in Proceedings of The Eleventh 


Directing Human Attention with Pointing

23rd IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication.

Xun Wang, Mary-Anne Williams, Peter Gärdenfors, Jonathan Vitale, Shaukat Abedi, Benjamin Johnston,
Benjamin Kuipers, Alan Huang, 


PyRIDE: An Interactive Development Environment for PR2 Robot

Xun Wang, Mary-Anne Williams, arXiv preprint arXiv:1605.09089


Interpreting Robot Pointing Behavior

Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Social Robotics, pp. 148- 159.

Mary-Anne Williams, Shaukat Abidi, Peter Gärdenfors, Xun Wang, Benjamin Kuipers, Benjamin Johnston, 


Risk Management in Intelligent Agents

PhD Dissertation

Xun Wang,  University of Technology Sydney.


SocialCycle: What Can a Mobile App Do To Encourage Cycling?

Karla Felix Navarro, Valerie Gay, Benjamin Johnston, Peter Leijdekkers, Ewan Vaughan, Xun Wang, Mary-Anne Williams,

IEEE goSMART workshop on Global Trends in Smart Cities, pp. 24-30.


Risk, Uncertainty and Possible Worlds

Xun Wang, Mary-Anne Williams, in Proceedings of the
Third IEEE International Conference on Privacy, Security, Risk and Trust, pp. 1278-1283.


Real-Time Human-Robot Interactive Coaching System with Full-Body Control Interface

Anton Bogdanovych, Christopher Stanton, Xun Wang, Mary-Anne Williams, RoboCup 2011 Symposium, pp. 562-573.


Mitigating risk in webbased social network service selection: follow the leader

Jabrin Al-Sharawneh, Mary-Anne Williams, Xun Wang, David Goldbaum,  in Proceedings of International Conference on Internet and Web Applications and Services.


A Practical Risk Management Framework for Intelligent Information Systems

Xun Wang, Mary-Anne Williams, in Proceedings of the Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems.


A Graphical Model for Risk Analysis and Management

Xun Wang, Mary-Anne Williams, Knowledge Science, Engineering and Management, Springer, Vol. 6291, pp. 256-269.