— Engagement —

I engage with industry, the research community, students and the public. I have developed numerous robot demonstrations used to engage visitors to the Innovation and Enterprise Research Lab and the public. Some examples are below.

— Commonwealth Bank of Australia —

Data Analytics (2014 - 2016): I was core member of the Innovation and Enterprise Research Lab team that designed, developed and delivered an innovative data analytics project for CBA.

Social Robotics (from May 2016): I have been working with CBA on social robotics research since May 2016 in October 2016 I was "seconded" to CBA from my Chancellor's Post-Doc Fellowship for one year. Several hundred companies including Stockland and Air NZ, have interacted with the robot system developed by the Innovation and Enterprise Research Lab. I played a significant role in designing and developing the system running on the CBA robot. 

CBA-UTS Social Robotics Partnership (from August 2016): I am a Chief Investigator on this exciting partnership exploring how social robots will transform industries.

— Air New Zealand —

I am currently working with Air NZ on an exciting social robotics project looking to transform customer experience. CBA and UTS developed several exciting social robotics experiments that were conducted at the Sydney International Airport in August 2017.

— Stockland —

Since 2016 I work with Stockland undertaking human-robot interaction experiments designed to identify ways to enhance customer experience.

— Australian Technology Network —

The ATN has a partnership with CBA and Stockland that engages final year undergraduates in their innovation agenda. In 2016 and 2017 I supervised several 4th students working on social robotics projects.

— Hospitals —

Social robotics will have a profound impact on healthcare and I am currently exploring opportunities with several hospitals and developing use cases that identify how social robotics can create new value in the Healthcare system in Australia.

— Willow Garage —

I worked with Willow Garage in Menlo Park on the amazing PR2 robot. I spent two months working in Menlo Park in 2012 and since then I have been using a PR2 to advance my research in social and service robotics.

— Online Gaming Industry —

I have worked with numerous other companies and developed a wide range of innovative software including Massive Online Role Playing Game (MMORG) backend server system.

— IBM —

I was awarded an IBM PhD Fellowship Fellow and contributed to an IBM-UTS ARC Linkage project.

— Robot Demonstrations, Movies and Media —

UTS Open Days 2010 - 2017: I have developed robot demonstrations and conducted research experiments with teh public on UTS Open Days since 2010.

Magic Lab Demos 2010 - 2017: I have developed numerous robot demonstrations since 2010 for a wide range of UTS visitors including Steve Wozniak, Telstra Chief Scientist, Deputy Prime Minister and several other Federal and State ministers.

IJCAI-13: Invited to Beijing to demonstrate PyRIDE at the Robotics Exhibition.

The Fugitive: I developed all the robot moves and manuevours for this movie. It won the IJCAI Most Entertaining Video in 2013

UTS Movie: I developed the capability for the UTS PR2 robot (gUTSy) to open a peanut butter jar and navigating Building 10.

UTS Magazine: on robotics 2007. One of my daugthers was featured on the front cover.

— University of Tokyo —

The University of Tokyo has adopted by algorithms that allow a robot to navigate using lasers despite walls being made of glass. I developed the first robust solution to this problem in collaboration with my colleague Jack Wang.

— University of Science and Technology of China —

I have worked closely with colleages at USTC, a top univeristy in China and the only university governed by the Chinese Academy of Science.

— Research Community Engagement —

I have organised workshops, and served on conference program committees as well has undertaken peer reviewing for workshops and conferences.

Conferences and Workshops Organisation

IJCAI 2017: Workshop on Human-Robot Engagement

ICSR 2014: International Conference on Social Robotics

IJCAI 2013: Workshop on Nonmonotonic Reasoning, Action and Change (NRAC) 2013. 

      Program Committees                    

IJCAI 2017: Workshop on Human-Robot Engagement

ICSR: International Conference on Social Robotics 2014

ICSR: International Conference on Social Robotics 2012


HRI: ACM International Confernece on Human-Robot Interaction 

RO-MAN: IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication

IROS:  IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems

IJCAI: International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Any other engagements ????/

— Planet KR —

I managed PlanetKR@KR..org the leading KR community email server from 2012 - 2017.