— Research Projects and Awards—

I pursue theory-led practice-based research projects using design thinking methods with a strong emphasis on prototyping and building to discover.

— Social Robotics —

CBA-UTS Social Robotics Partnership 2016 - 2019: Chief Investigators: Mary-Anne Williams, Benjamin Johnston, Jesse Clark, and Xun Wang. 

UTS Unleashed! RoboCup Team Project 2017 - 2020: see team website for details.

UTS Chancellor Post-Doctorial Fellowship 2014 - 2018 $350,000 (salary and project funding).

Australia-Japan Foundation 2015 - 2017 $20,000 Chief Investigators: Mary-Anne Williams, Pavlos Peppas, Benjamin Johnston and Xun Wang.

ARC Senior Research Associate: on both a ARC DIscovery and ARC Linkage project with IBM. 

RoboCup@Home Social Special Platform League: member of the team that qualified for RoboCup 2017 in Japan. 

— Risk and Decision Making —

IBM PhD Fellowship Project (US$20,000): I was awarded UTS' first IBM PhD Fellowship for a project that focused on decision making under risk.

ARC Discovery and Linkage Projects ($75,000): I worked on several ARC projects as a fully-funded PhD student.