— Teaching and Learning —

I enjoy teaching, mentoring and coaching students. I have been highly engaged in teaching and learning in the School of Software in the Faculty of Engineering and IT.  I have also had the opportunity to design and deliver innovative large scale executive education to industry with the Innovation and Enterprise Research Lab.

— iOS Developer University Program —

From 2009 I have co-led the iOS Developer University Program for the University of Technology Sydney. 

— Mobile Computing —

Mobile Computing

Mobile computing has transformed industry ..... I began developing mobile applications on iPhone in 2008

From 2008-2014 I Apple Development Manager for UTS.

I designed and delivered a pilot project based iOS programming subject on mobile computing in 2010. 

2016 I redesigned and delivered application development in iOS environment subject in the School of Software Faculty of Engineering and IT at UTS. I also ensure this subject was Learning Futures compliant.

In addition, I mentored severla tutors for the subject, and one of them was able to deliver the subject as the main lecturer in 2017 while I am seconded to CBA.

— Capstone and Project Subject Supervision —

I have supervised several capstone and project students since 2010. Several students were finalists for Dean Awards including Michelle Yousef and Jenny Lui.

I have coached and mentored students in the Innovation and Enterprise Research Lab in several RoboCup Teams, and as part of the ATN-CBA partnership.


— Higher Degree Research Student Support —

Research undertaken in the UTS Innovation and Enterprise Research Lab .is theory informed and practice-based. since 2010 I have provided significant support to the following PhD students and also provided general IT infrastructure support in the Innovation and Enterprise Research Lab since 2010.

Sidra Alam - expected completion 2020

Suman Ojha - expected completion 2019

Meg Tonkin - expected completion 2019

Jonathan Vitale - expected completion 2017

Dr Muh Anshar - completed 2017

Dr Wei Wang - completed 2017

Dr Nima Ramezani Taghiabadi - completed 2017